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How Does DRA Work?    

When DRA dissolves into the pipeline fluid, the polymer molecules begin to uncoil and outspread as they interact with the pipeline flow.
This interaction is complex; the long chain molecules dampen turbulent bursts near the pipe wall as if they were acting as tiny shock buffers.

Drag Reducing Agent working principle

This dampening effect allows DRA to decrease turbulent flow and increase laminar flow.


drag reduction agent
                                                                                Without DRA


drag reducers
                                                                                    With DRA


Where is DRA injected?

DRA is usually injected into a pipeline just at the discharge side of the mainline pump (see figure below). A positive displacement pump capable of surpassing the line pressure is used to inject DRA into the pipeline.

drag reducer

Injection should be downstream of MOL pumps (elbows, T’s, valves etc)

DRA injection



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